Brandon Braun

What's Brandon Working On?

Currently, I am employeed as a Web Developer at Dream Aviation where I work on the Dream Flight School Scheduler. My day to day consists of Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Originally, the application was created using Ruby 1.8.7 and Rails 3.1. Since I have started, I have updated the system to Ruby 2.2.3 and Rails 4.2 while adding many additonal features including: time clock usage totals, flight dispatching, club member monthly benefit auto-calculations, document uploading and management, pilot verification, drag and drop, and many other valuable business features.

This section will contain links to personal projects and examples of some of the cooler things I am working on. Check back later to see more!

Atruent Family Feud

Atruent Family Feud

This project was done for Atruent, a full service I.T. company in the Baltimore area. It was used for a presentation, allowing for a Family Feud style game to engage the audience.

JavaScript Calc

JavaScript Calculator

Another project based of the Odin Project, this one uses JavaScript to reproduce the functions of a simple caclulator. Beside addition, subtraction, muliplication and division, there are also memory and clear buttons.

Etch-A-Sketch Clone

echaSketch - an Etch A Sketch clone

The idea for this project came after looking over the Odin Project, which is a free online coding course. The page includes an area that you can "draw in" with your mouse. The bottom of the page includes a reset button to allow multiple tries with this small application. The purpose of this project was to become more familiar with JavaScript and JQuery.

Google Clone

Google Homepage Clone

This was my attempt at recreating the Google home page. I learned a few things during this process and although it's not perfect, I am pleased with the outcome of the project. Go ahead, take a peek and see what you think!

What's This Here For?

Possibly you have stumbled upon this page on accident, navigating the internet, searching for something useful. So where have you landed? On some page of useless, random information? No! You have found a great treasure of the internet indeed! This is where I, Brandon Braun, will link to projects and experiments in the field of coding and software craftsmanship that I have had a hand in or created wholly myself. In the shortest explanation, this is where I will post examples of my work and training in software and web development. Please, have a look around and enjoy!

So Who Is This Brandon Guy?

It turns out that I am just an average guy, currently working in the IT field as an IT Consultant for a company named Atruent. Currently, my position consists of managing workstations and servers, of varying operating systems, assisting with the data center operations and servicing help desk tickets. For the most part, I do not have a chance to increase my programming skills in this position. In an attempt to correct this, I have taken on teaching myself programming in my spare time. Also, I am currently enrolled in the Community College of Baltimore County, to continue my education and obtain my Associates in Computer Science. Once completed, I am planning on transferring to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County to receive my Bachelors in Computer Science.

How Does One Go About Getting In Touch With Brandon?

It's simple! Shoot me an email, I am always interested in hearing what you have to say or working on another project. Other forms of contact also include LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter.